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Why Us?

Right company, right products, right time

The landscape of today’s offices has rapidly evolved as people seek new and more effective ways to collaborate. Today, more and more workplaces are gravitating to open plans – the use of large, open spaces and the minimization of small, enclosed private offices.

Gone are yesterday’s cubical clusters as organizations embrace an open bench – or department picnic table – configuration. The logical progression of this evolution towards teamwork and transparency is a high demand for glass office walls in conference rooms and private offices.

Infinium’s mission is to define glass walls: to design and manufacture European-influenced movable office walls that provide superior acoustical performance, flexibility, and visual transparency compared to traditional drywall construction. Glass walls are no longer just for office fronts; demising walls – or the walls between each office – are now capable of combining open plan transparency with industry leading sound privacy.

Why Infinium? The answer is simple. We are the right company with the right product at the right time – European minimalist designed movable office walls, manufactured and delivered from America’s heartland, at an exceptional value.