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Your work environment made better

Glass partitions for your office

Most major furniture manufacturers relegate design to “benching” through overreliance on freestanding, open plan applications. Not Infinium. First we don't manufacture furniture and more importantly we listen to our clients and integrate the recommendations of the architecture and design community in our continuous quest to provide the perfect balance of clean, modern aesthetics and the industry’s leading acoustical performance.

The result is a glass wall work environment that is inviting, collaborative, and promotes visual organizational transparency right along with acoustical privacy. Private offices remain private, and conference rooms facilitate teamwork, productivity and interaction through discreet glass partitions, which still maintain an open-environment feeling. When employees are able to easily view their surroundings, it becomes easier to engage in collaboration without the concern of being overheard by outside visitors.

Best of all, Infinium glass office partitions are moveable to support undefined future organizational requirements and adapt to the needs of the evolving workplace. Our glass walls mean business … now and for the future.

organizational transparency