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Infinium and Acoustics

Where privacy meets productivity

Designing office space to encourage maximum collaboration has become a balancing act of science and art. On one hand, office walls must enhance acoustical privacy and suppress noise so employees can be their most productive. On the other, aesthetically appealing visual connectivity is essential to providing transparency and promoting an open and approachable organizational culture.

Our glass walls actually perform better than drywall and can be used for both office fronts and the demising walls between offices to enhance open visibility while providing maximum acoustical privacy. Unlike an “open-style” office, glass walls facilitate the simultaneous occurrence of multiple activities – group meetings, one-on-one conversations, private calls – while minimizing interruptions and distractions.

Infinium glass walls provide the best of both worlds: unremitting acoustical performance so private conversations can remain private, and visual continuity that allows for natural light in day-to-day office interactions.

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