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Unitized Products from Infinium Minimal 1″ wide door frame to match panel vertical Base horizontal 2″ tall with recessed reveal for base channel Head Horizontal 2″ tall with recessed reveal for ceiling channel Minimal 1″ wide panel vertical with recessed feature strip (black or grey) 3-way condition - 4″x4″ post Horizontal base/door frame connection with clean double glazed glass lines Frameless glass sliding door receiver with acoustical seal 42″ tall locking ladder pull Glass panel to solid panel connection Corner post 4″x4″ 2-way connection Minimal 1″ wide vertical with recessed reveal (captured edge on solid panel)

OUR Unitized Modular Wall System

Infinium’s classic line of moveable glass office walls

Engineered to provide the best value in glass office fronts and demising walls, our award-winning double-glazed REFINE offers an unparalleled combination of clean, minimalistic design, practical functionality, ease of installation, and industry-leading acoustical performance.

Pre-fabricated and completely assembled, REFINE is shipped directly to the jobsite, where the modular wall panels are quickly put in place, leveled and connected together. The result is reduced lead times and an installation performance – 30 percent of the time needed to fabricate and install a stick-built system.

If it ever becomes necessary to move or reconfigure our unitized wall system, the pre-fabricated framed panels make it a breeze. They fit neatly back on the pallet for effortless relocation, with no pile of loose aluminum or glass to sort through, modify, and reassemble. Consider REFINE an investment that continues to provide a return far into the future.

Download PDFs:

Refine Single Glazed Overview

Refine Double Glazed Overview

Refine Door Options