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Infinium’s American-made products


Infinium’s award-winning REFINE system is a unitized, movable wall system which is 75% pre-built to exacting specified dimensions prior to being delivered to the jobsite. Achieving up to a 50 STC allows for industry-leading acoustical performance.


Infinium’s NEW QUANTUM system “European minimalist design” is a butt-glazed system that is pre-engineered and pre-fabricated in our facility to exacting field dimensions prior to being shipped. Resulting in reduced installation time while providing a superior fit and finish.


In addition to product we know that our customers’ perceived value is based on the quality of our delivery and installation. As a result, we take complete responsibility for all aspects of our turnkey process to ensure that the customer has one point of accountability and an uncompromised installation.

New Products

QUANTUM is a European-inspired minimalist-design butt-glazed system and 4FRONT is our new slender unitized double glazed product - both products built and delivered out of Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

superior fit and finish