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Butt-Glazed Products from Infinium

Our Butt-Glazed wall system

Quantum offers a minimalist aesthetic

Inspired by European minimalist designs, Infinium’s new butt-glazed QUANTUM glass wall system is a true testimony to how Infinium, an American manufacturer, can deliver a superior alternative to European systems.

Measuring only 2 3/8" deep with a 1.2" tall sleek rectilinear horizontal profile, QUANTUM is the epitome of minimalist design. Add in the flexibility to center-glaze while incorporating frameless corners and three-way conditions, and you quickly understand why QUANTUM provides the ultimate in butt-glazed design.

QUANTUM is available with all-glass sliding and pivot doors. Best of all, you need not be concerned with the endless lead times or inconsistent delivery performance that all too often plague European companies. Infinium brings the best of both worlds to your door – sleek European design delivered and installed on time.

Download PDFs:

Quantum Butt-Glazed Overview

Refine Butt-Glazed Overview