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Movable Glass Walls For Healthcare Administration

Facilitating privacy and flexibility

The healthcare industry is particularly sensitive to the growing demand for privacy. Failure to comply with stringent HIPAA patient privacy regulations can result in severe civil and criminal penalties. It is absolutely imperative to ensure that patient information is not compromised in any way.

Privacy starts within the confines of the healthcare office. Infinium’s double-glazed REFINE glass walls provide superior acoustical performance to traditional drywall. Infinium’s REFINE solid wall can obtain up to a 50 STC rating, thanks to a proprietary inner-liner design that virtually blocks sound transmission.

Since REFINE is fully unitized, it is also easy to reconfigure and relocate our movable glass wall panels as needs evolve and change. With minimized disruption during the installation process, REFINE may be the perfect architectural design solution for healthcare facilities and offices.