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Our environmentally friendly glass walls are a sustainable solution

Conserving our natural resources and promoting green business practices is at the heart of Infinium’s organizational culture. As vigilant stewards of our shared future, we align ourselves with sustainable program criteria put forth by multiple product certifiers. We are constantly seeking more environmentally responsible solutions for designing and manufacturing our glass walls.

Pre-fabricated unitized glass wall systems are, by their very nature, environmentally friendly, with the flexibility to readily adapt to ever-changing workspace needs. Since each panel is shipped to the site pre-assembled and ready to be stood in place, a truly sustainable build-out becomes a quick reality. When planned properly, that wall system can easily be reused or reconfigured again and again in different locations without significant modifications, saving time and money, and translating into greater return on investment; and its good for the environment

At Infinium, we like to light-heartedly say, “we have no standards” in reference to the size or configuration of our modular glass panels. In truth, our standards couldn’t be higher; every architectural wall project is pre-fabricated and customized to the exacting dimensions and specifications of the end users and delivered directly to the job site.