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Environmentally Friendly Glass Walls

According to the U.S. EPA, a staggering 240 billion pounds of waste from construction, renovation and demolition is sent to landfills throughout North America every year. Architectural glass wall systems, by their very nature, are environmentally friendly. As organizational space requirements change, Infinium’s unitized wall system can be easily repurposed, relocated, and reconfigured, extending their useful life over and over again. Just look at the advantages:

RECYCLABLE: The aluminum framing components are made from a mix of virgin aluminum and up to 75% recycled content aluminum. The glass inserts and packaging material is vertially 100% recyclable.

REDUCED FOSSIL FUEL CONSUMPTION: Lightweight and strong aluminum components reduce fossil fuel consumption used in transportation.

MINIMIZED AIR POLLUTION: Standard anodized finish leaves aluminum surface non-conductive, minimizing air pollutant accumulation and static build-up.

REPURPOSED MATERIALS: Fascia materials such as glass, fabric, wood and melamine contain up to 100% of both post-industrial and post-consumer recycled content. And field-removable fascias dramatically extend the life cycle of the product.

LESS CARBON EMISSION: Unitized construction permits rapid installation, reducing job site commuting that adds to air pollution.

Overall, from the manufacturing to the transportation to the installation, our glass walls are one of the most environmentally friendly options available.

reduce. reuse. recyle.